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Christian and I started Wholehearted Productions because we both wanted to make music that inspired us. We grew up in the same city and produced music throughout high school. After a little time at different colleges we took the leap and started doing music full-time together. With some leftover scholarship money, a bit of naivety, and a lot of passion we started working to build a great environment for singer/songwriter music.

When an artist approaches us about recording, we typically spend some time going to their performances, listening to references of artists they like, and talking about what they want to get out of the record. We believe every artist has an authentic story and that our job is to bring out that story so it’s accessible to listeners.

Why the house? We’ve worked out of a number of big studios and have partnerships with several of them locally but typically we choose to record out of our house. We find not only is it the most comfortable environment, but it brings our costs down and allows more artists to have the option of making a record.

We’re not overly gear-conscious, but we do use some the best brands that there are: Neumann, Universal Audio, and an array of high-quality software plug-ins. We’ve also invested heavily in creating great rooms for recording.

If you’re an artist looking for a spot to record, come say hello and check out the studio. We have regular events like a monthly songwriter night and we’d love to have you join in. Feel free to drop us a line at 352-229-4867(Dane) or 352-282-2221(Christian).



Tessa and Christian